Die Anatomie der Propaganda

January 2016

Konsens #1 Die Russen kommen

Konsens Magazin is a facilitator for the critical dialogue between graphic arts and social, even political subjects. We strongly believe that graphic design should not primarily make beautiful things, but also take up a position and contribute to society.

The first issue is based on the contrast of content and form. On the editorial layer this issue does not give an apologia or counter statement to the current image of Russia. But it wants to question it in a critical way and show various perspectives. The focus is on topics and aspects, which often are missed out in daily press. The image part gives a visual picture of Russia in movies. Image material of movies of different eras and styles reveal tendentious patterns. It is not always obvious if Hollywood gets inspired by reality or if it works the other way around.

image-part Risoprint: 64 pages
text-part Offsetprint: 80 pages
format: 199,5 x 266,5 mm

More information about the project on our website.

in collaboration with Max Frischknecht

February 2016

Musée Libidinal

The Exhibition “Musée Libidinal” is organised by the Poster Collection Basel and takes the process used by the curator as its topic. In the form of a “self-display” the show presents insight into the curator’s work. The visitor does not find a finished exhibition, but a workspace in continuous change: a work in progress.

The exhibition about the making of an exhibition takes place on a meta level. Creating a poster announcing this sort of event, I wanted to mirror the position of the maker. I did this by literally showing the process of placarding. The poster as a medium transforms into the subject itself. The blueback and all that is usually not exposed to the gaze becomes perceivable. This is in parallel to the exhibit that grants the visitor an insight into curating, also normally hidden from the public. The series of six posters shows a variety of possibilities. The hands are both a symbol of making, the process of manufacturing, and an indicator for the next exhibition, namely the result of the making and doing. The different folds organize the information on the front-side. This system allowed us to always print the same front-side. The installation of the posters, therefore, is not final: a process without closure.

Selected as one of the 100 BESTE PLAKATE 2015 from Switzerland, Germany & Austria.

September 2015

Rewire (Sketch)

Sketches for an identity system (Pitch, not released). Rewire is a festival for experimental music.

freelance for Mainstudio, Amsterdam
October 2015

Amsterdam Publication

A critical magazine about the tourism growth in Amsterdam. The layout refers to the density and overflow the tourism causes in Amsterdam. The first part contains images by street photographer Theo Niekus, while the last part shows historical images of tourism in Amsterdam from 1950 — 1970. There is a infographica part making the development of tourism over the last decade visible. 10 interviews with 10 people involved are showing the current situation and mentioning its problems. 11 ideas from 11 experts suggest different solutions and ways to deal with the steady growth.

Mainstudio, Amsterdam
January 2015

Everything is Illuminated

The visual interventions in Jonathan Safran Foers novel ‘Everything is Illuminated’ are increasing the non-linear, spatial writing and emphasize its materiality. The goal is to activate the reader and give him a remarkable sensual reading experience. The visual interventions act as some kind of bridges between the reality of the book (fiction) and the reality of the reader. The imaginationas I believe is the books most important issueshould never be ruined but exalted by the typography in this book.

426 pages in black & white
13.5 × 20.5 cm, Softcover

Bachelor Thesis 2014, HGK Basel
mentored by: Marion Fink, Indre Grubinaite & Dirk Koy
July 2014

Treibstoff Theatertage 2015

Treibstoff is a theater-festival for up-and-coming talents. Since the festival plays at different theaters and also off-venues, we decided to bring in the mirroring ballon as distinctive feature for the identity. The ballon is shown in different stages until he is finally inflated at the festival and marks the spots, where theater is happening. The poster-serie was hung in two stages, first only the staged images, afterwards with an silkscreen overprint. The program serves aswell as a map and is therefore printed on geo-paper.

Selected as one of the 100 BESTE PLAKATE 2015 from Switzerland, Germany & Austria.

collaboration with Nevin Goetschmann

July 2015

Pedal Typeface

The Pedal font face is a dynamic didone (classicistic Antiqua). It is suited for running text set in narrow columns. The vertical character of the font longs for a big line spacing. This type face stands out due to its remarkable clearness in small sizes. This sharpness is achieved by avoiding dark areas at the junction of lines.

tutor: Philipp Stamm, HGK Basel
December 2013

Sewing Junkie

Lookbook for the autumn/winter-collection 2014 of Sewing Junkie. Additional new postcards and gift cards in the new black and white design.

collaboration with Nevin Goetschmann
October 2013

Also sprach Zarathustra

The aim of this publication is to simplify the access to a complicated text. Quotations are typographically pointed out and played with. The typographic interventions are limited to the possibilities in letterpress printing. The sheets are folded and laid into each other. The text becomes readable when the sheets are separated. The format is composed of 10 reclam-size pages which are perforated, can be torn apart and put together as a booklet. This requires the reader to overcome his fear.


6 sheets / 26 pages (120 small pages)

Typography, HGK Basel
January 2013